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Great design tells a great story

I'm Johan Schneider, I'm passionate about creating impactful and emotionally engaging digital experiences.

Whether it's through illustration, animations or even books, I've always been in love with great storytelling. So that is what I strive to do in everything i take on, tell a compelling story.

My story

Early life and education (animation and digital design)

As long as I can remember, I’ve been drawing, fantasizing, coming up with stories and worlds. That is something that constantly happens in my head all the time, even now. And yes, being the nerdy kid growing up, consuming a lot of video games, Japanese media and watching and reading lots of sci-fi and fantasy, I have this fascination with strange worlds and stories. 

Starting my journey back in 2012 out of high school, starting an education in 3D-animation, I learned a lot of things about animation and storytelling. Later I pivoted completely to a path to become a teacher and while that was very rewarding in some ways, I felt that something was missing.

Enter 2016, I came across YRGO, and their program in Digital Design. The perfect opportunity for me to get back to my roots of creativity. And I felt really at home, at last.

Work experience (6+ years)

Starting an early extra internship in 2017 at digital service studio Humblebee, I learned fast about deisgn thinking and digital processes. Later starting my second internship at Brave Agency, when the agency was in it’s early stages, I was there in the beginning to help it grow, and it was a fantastic learning experience and has really helped me grow very well rounded.

Combined I have worked in the industry for 6+ years, with a lot of different clients, both B2B and B2C, from brands like Ginger Joe and Santa Maria, to digital service companies like AktivBo, or Hogia.


When I’m not working on a personal project to satisfy my curiosity, or selling stickers and posters on the side you will usually find me engaged in a video game, watching TV series or reading manga. Turns out, the nerdy kid wasn’t going through a phase!